Traditional Indian Yoga

We are specialized in Traditional Indian Yoga. This is yoga in its original form as it was described thousands of years ago by the founders of yoga in India and is aimed at preventing and curing diseases and improving the quality of life. This form of yoga, consisting of physical exercises (similar ar Hatha yoga), meditation and yoga philosophy, can be easily integrated in our modern way of life and still has the desired effect. By paying attention to all these aspects you will learn to understand the concept making it easier to adjust your lifestyle in a natural way. It is not hard and you don’t have to be flexible, but you need some discipline and then you will see at how fast your health improves. By choosing the program that suits you, you determine to what extent you want to delve in the concept of Traditional Indian Yoga.

Yoga Classes

We usually start the day with an extensive yoga class of about one and a half hour. These classes always consist of a series of Pranayama’s (= breathing exercises), Asana’s (Physical exercises), a relaxation exercise and meditation. Yoga philosophy lessons are given seperately and are included in some retreats. In these lessons we teach the original Yoga Philosophy and learn you how to integrate this in a modern lifestyle.

Yoga and Ayurvedic Health Consultation

At most of our yoga retreats, a health consultation with an experienced Yoga and Ayurvedic Specialist is included. This consultation takes about one hour and includes determining dosha type, lifestyle- and nutrition counseling. During the yoga classes you will learn how to deal with this advice.

Yoga Teacher Trainings

Our Yoga Teacher Trainings are given by Dr. Somvir and/or one of his senior teachers. Dr. Somvir is a former Indian Yoga Champion who holds a master degree in Sanskrit and Yoga Philosophy and a Ph.D. in Philosophy. Dr. Somvir (called Guruji) is a visiting lecturer at several leading universities and he also already trained and certified more than 300 Yoga teachers from all over the world. Guruji takes you to the origin of yoga and you’ll learn the original Pranayama’s, Asana’s and Mudra’s as described thousands of years ago by Gheranda Samhita. Based on this, you will learn how to compose a well-balanced yoga lesson so that there is always attention for the most important functions of body and mind. To understand the Yoga philosophy, Guruji takes you step by step through the old Sanskrit Sutra’s as written by Maharishi Patanjali. This helps you to truly understand yoga and to integrate it into your life. Yoga Teacher Trainings are organized a few times a year. Please contact us if you’re interested in this.

Our Yoga Teachers

All our Yoga teachers are certified Traditional Indian Yoga Teachers and are for at least 5 years active with yoga. The lessons are in English, but our teachers are bilingual and also speak Dutch, Hindi or Indonesian.